Client Information

Sample Containers and Holding Times

For information regarding sample container and holding time requirements for regulatory analyses, please see our Preservation Guide – Regulatory Analyses. F&B strongly recommends the collection of additional sample volume for quality assurance analyses.

Turnaround Times

F&B standard turnaround time for regulatory analyses is 10 business days.  We also offer reliable expedited testing, including same day sample results, for many analyses.

Please contact us for more information regarding availability and rates for expedited turnaround times.

Data Deliverables

F&B final reports will be provided in email (pdf) format.  Hard copy reports are available by request.  In addition, for regulatory analyses F&B offers a comprehensive array of electronic deliverable formats (EDF) including EIM, GEMS, EQUIS and Geotracker.  A surcharge of 5% ($25.00 minimum charge) will be added to projects requiring EDF and deliverables will be included with the final report.

Sample Supplies and Shipping

F&B offers free delivery sampling supplies via Federal Express Ground.  Also, F&B provides prepaid, preaddressed airbills via Federal Express Overnight service for return shipping of samples to the laboratory.  To request sampling materials, please call the laboratory at (206) 285-8282.

Sample Disposal and Storage

Samples remaining at the laboratory after analysis will be stored for a minimum of 30 days after final report issuance.  Additional and long-term storage are available at a rate of $50 per quarter per sample delivery group.

The rate for sample disposal for Extremely Hazardous Waste is $50 per sample.  The rate for samples submitted on hold is $20 per sample.

Payment Schedule

Project invoices will be provided at the time of final report submittal.  The listed pricing is based on net 45.


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