News & Updates

Triple Quadripole ICP-MS System

F&B recently expanded our trace level metals capabilities through the addition of a PerkinElmer NexION 300/350D Triple Quadripole MS system. This state of the art instrument employs a wide array of technical innovations that reduce background and interference giving us the ability to achieve extremely low reporting limits over nearly all sample matrices, including seawater, and high TSS matrices.

TO15 and TO17 Analyses

F&B recently expanded our product line to include vapor intrusion, indoor air, soil gas testing and discharge monitoring via Tedlar bags, Silonite/SUMMA Canisters, passive samplers and thermal desorption tubes using TO15 and TO17 analyses.

Passive Diffusion Bags

F&B offers passive diffusion bags to clients looking to minimize field labor costs associated with quarterly monitoring. For more information regarding PDB implementation, please contact us.

Trace Level Sediment Analysis

F&B now proudly offers trace level sediment testing for many analyses including Gasoline by NWTPH-Gx, Diesel and Motor Oil Range Organics by NWTPH-Dx, VOCs by EPA Method 8260C, SVOCs by EPA Method 8270D, PCBs by EPA Method 8082, and much more.

Trace Level Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Analysis

F&B now offers trace level PCP analysis by EPA Method 8270D SIM in soil and groundwater. Please contact us for more information regarding our ultra low detection limits.


F&B maintains NELAP certification for testing soil and water matrices in Washington, California, Oregon, Alaska, and New Jersey for a variety of organic and inorganic contaminants.